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ACCOUNTATAX INC. assists clients in obtaining financing for growth purposes or for the acquisition of capital assets. You need accurate, reliable information to help you make informed choices with regard to financing. We offer a winning combination to unlock the secret to a better banking relationship.

Forecasting Cash flow

ACCOUNTATAX can help you prevent liquidity constraints by providing cash flow projections to help you determine your financing needs. .

Banking Relationship

Rely on ACCOUNTATAX for preparing your annual budget as well as monthly updates and forecasts. The budget is also a management tool to help you foresee opportunities, potential problems and areas of focus.

To gain your bank’s long-term confidence, present your budget once it has been developed by ACCOUNTATAX. You will provide them information about your company’s borrowing power and you will gain their confidence.

Even the best-laid plan does not always entirely come into effect; your banker will appreciate updates.

To build long-term success in your business and strong banking relationship, your banker should receive DSO (daily sales outstanding) and DPO (days payable outstanding) on a monthly basis and a Full-Year budget with cash flow projections and tax planning strategy. In addition, keep your bank informed of your averaged collection period (ACP) and average payment period.

Share financial information and get input from staff for annual budget preparation

To improve overall performance, staff should be involved in budget development. Rigorous bookkeeping and accounting procedures, as well as staff consultation, allow for the regular and accurate update of financial data. Accounting expertise, staff dedication and involvement are the best management tools for monitoring operations.

"An efficient engagement should be accomplished with care."