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Thank you for consulting Accountatax web site for information about business startups. We offer comprehensive consultations regarding administrative and legal requirements when going into business.

Accountatax provides well-informed guidance and efficient tools to get new businesses off the ground and increase profitability. Consult Accountatax for analyzing your business project; we will advise on the most appropriate legal form to be considered. After a careful review of your needs, Accountatax will take charge of the following formalities:

Business planning

  • Incorporation or registration
  • Minutes book
  • Federal registration number (BN)
  • Provincial registration number (IC)
  • Commodity taxes (Good and Services Tax/GST, Harmonized Sales Tax/HST, Quebec sales Tax/QST)
  • Import / export numbers (if applicable)
  • Deduction at source numbers (federal and provincial)
  • CSST number

Balance Sheet

Accountatax will help you set up your personal balance sheet and the opening balance sheet of your enterprise. We will help you draw up prospective income statements and cash flow for negotiating and obtaining loans with financial institutions. If needed, we will also set up your company’s computerized accounting system.

"An efficient engagement should be accomplished with care"